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It's been a while

I just got internet at my desk yesterday, so now I'm posting. I haven't done a weblog in a long time, so i'll sum up what's been up.. I'm loving my school and my life. I live in a cement box with tatami floors and a tub I fill with water and heat with gas to bathe in, but it's like being in a period movie so I really like it.

My parents came to visit in December, and I rented a car and drove them all around northern Kyushu. Driving in Japan is very scary. Roads are narrow and drivers are crazy. But we saw a lot of things and had a lot of fun.

After me and some friends went to Vietnam and Thailand. I absolutely loved Thailand and Vietnam was pretty cool. I am planning to go back to Thailand as soon as I have the money and the leave. Which probably will be next year. I will probably write about the trip later.

One day in January there was three or four inches of snow on the ground and it took me a slippery hour to get to school and all the cars were skidding and me and some students helped push them out of the middle of the road and stuff, that was great.

February was so cold I thought I was going to die. But snow is very pretty. I went on a trip with the teachers to a hot spring resort. They all got really drunk (they started drinking on the bus there) and it was crazy and fun, but they made me sing karaoke and I was so embarassed. I really like the drinking parties with teachers. The teachers here are so friggin' cool.

Hmm.. March is the worst month so far but I'm still having a good time. The beginning of March was also very cold. I also got hit by a car and cracked some ribs. Then I got the flu and was in bed for a while which was really good for me. I actually only recovered from sickness a few days ago, so I've been feeling pretty crappy all March. Plus my students graduated and I miss them. And it's the beginning of a new school year and lots of kickass teachers are leaving and that sucks as well.

Me and my friends here take weekend trips once a month or so, taking advantage of the great public transportation in Japan. I have tons of pictures of stuff, but the new school year begins next week.. eventually I'll put them on the website I haven't touched in over a year.

Travis came to visit, that was fun. It was good to catch up. The cherry blossoms are beautiful, and there are lots of other flowers too. Spring is really great, almost worth the winter. I'm taking a four-day trip to Korea in a few days. I'm planning on totally pigging out.

I really miss everyone. I don't really miss places so much, just people. And occasionaly In-n-out and Chipotle. Haha.
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