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Tourists in Hawaii

Nick came to visit for a week so I got to play tourist. It was really fun, and really good, to be able to sightsee before I leave for Japan.

He got in at 4:40pm on Sunday, after a five-hour plane delay, and having to spend the night in the Oakland airport. He slept from the time he got to my house to the next morning.

Monday we went to Hanauma bay and snorkeled all day. It was great, the Moana and the Uhu were huge, and I was very hungry. On the way back we got Gina’s Korean plate lunch. For dinner we drove to a Central Oahu baseball game, which my brother's team won because the lights went out at ten and they were ahead. They went on to win the Hawaii World Series. There was a potluck with lots of Chinese food, and Nick saved the day by covering a sprinkler with an upside-down cooler. We got back really late.

Tuesday we went hiking. First we Manoa Falls hike, which is a nice gravel path through the rainforest, ending at a waterfall. Then we drove to Tokiya's for bento lunch, and walked around Ala Moana while we waited for my brother to get off work. We picked him up, ate, and he drove us to the top of my mountain where we did a hike that took a little over three hours. It went over the ridges and all the way down to Manoa Valley. It was really cool, sometimes the path was a foot wide. The hike was full of Ohia and Strawberry Guava trees, and we tried some. We walked from the end of the hike to Manoa Marketplace, and shared some manapua and jung. Nick really seemed to like the manapua. My parents took us to Paesano, and that was really, really good.

Wednesday we went to Happy Days Chinese restaurant and I introduced Nick to dim sum. I really like that place. Then I drove to Chinatown and we looked at all the weird fruits, and I bought some Lichee. We also went to the fish markets and looked at all the huge and unusual fish for sale. Like Nohu, the devil scorpionfish. Eww. Then we went to the swap meet, and spent a few hours buying gifts for people. I got a bunch of stuff for people I’d meet in Japan, and he got things for people back in California. I got a bunch of Hawaii beach towels, calendars, and 48 shell leis, I hope that's enough for all the kids. I also got something nice for Yurika, I really hope I get to see her! On the way home we took the H3, which was very scenic. We ate at L&L, and then proceeded to drive to the North Shore on Kam Highway. It was a long, pretty drive, and he got to see all the famous beaches. We stopped off at Waimea, and watched people jump off the rock. On the way home we got meat jun from Dong Yang, the best on the island.

Thursday morning we ate Japanese breakfast and Victoria Inn, which is one of my favorite things. Then we looked around Waikiki a little, at the hotels and beaches. After finishing packing, we headed to Bellows AFS to camp. After we got the tent set up, we went bodysurfing until six. I got to play with fire, and we grilled BBQ chicken, teriyaki corn, eggplant, and tried to cook some potatoes, but failed miserably. I ate a LOT of smores. Later we went crabbing on the beach, just to look at them.

We woke up late Friday morning, and got a fire started to boil water for oatmeal. However, as soon as we finished we found the oatmeal was rancid, full of bugs and bug feces. We had to throw it away, and even the birds wouldn’t touch it. We ate papaya, yogurt and trail mix. Then I checked out and we drove near the jetty to look at sea turtles and body surf and boogie board more. There were tons of Man o war but we didn’t get stung. After swimming and playing in the sand we ate our leftover food, and headed back home.
That night we went to a bon dance. It was really nice, with Japanese women in dance clubs, wearing kimono, and kids and local guys dancing. We ate andagi and other bon dance snacks.

Saturday morning we parked at outrigger and went to the aquarium. It was really neat, I hadn’t been there in a while. I especially liked the sea dragons. There was an exhibit on popular food fishes. It included Kumu, Menpachi, and Moana. But it said that Moana were protected by state law! That’s news to me, and my dad, when I asked him. Argh, but they taste so good! After seeing all those fish, I was hungry, so we went to Kozo to eat sushi. It’s cheap and high quality. That day, however, the girl in training was making them, and she put WAY to much wasabi. It was pretty funny. Then I drove to the Kahala Mandarin to look at the dolphins. They were really cute. That night was had dinner at the Outrigger Canoe Club for my Popo’s birthday. So the Chinese side of my family got to meet Nick. The food was really, really good.

Sunday we got up early and went to the Ward Farmers Market, to buy Hawaiian food. It was so good. He liked everything except the poi, but he still ate it. Then we drove to the airport, and waited in unbelievable lines for the ag inspection, ticketing, and finally security check. We got there a bit before 10:30, and we got to the security check area a little before 12:30. And apparently, his necklace set the machine off, so they had to pat him down. He must have barely made it. I miss him more than I thought I would.

I went to the play ‘On Dragonfly Wings’ which was a really nice play by Lisa Matsumoto. The singing was excellent. Well, I guess my vacation is over, and now I gotta pack, and tidy up all loose ends here.
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