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Disneyland was awesome! I'm surprised at myself. I'll write more later but it's late. I drove over 100 miles by myself, on the highway on the mainland! Stupid Nick was not impressed, but that was a great feat for a Hawaii girl. The drive was fun! Everything you hear about road trips is bull. Well, as long as there is no timetable to follow.

I learned that I'll be living in a three room with kitchen and bathroom apartment, for 13000 yen a month. That's frickin' awesome! In Kurume, which I haven't had the chance to look up yet. My contact in Japan, who I'll be replacing, is awesome! He's super funny! And he writes all British! He's from South Africa.

Speaking of British things, I got Order of the Phoenix today! It's quite good thus far. I'm so glad I got into the HP thing late, I did not wait as long as everyone else for the next installment. I think her writing is getting better. I'm not even half done with it, and I've been reading for five hours!

Watched a bunch of Sex and the City. That series is incredibly funny, and I've found a new role model in Samantha.

On a less happy note, we left Brenna in LA. It's weird, I keep thinking she's gone for the summer, but her room is so bare. Meg's gone for a while, she went home to enjoy her mom's cooking. Jen leaves tomorrow at noon. So it'll just be me and Diana in the house. But by the last two weeks of my stay, everyone will be gone. It's just really easy for me not to think about things. We've had incredibly fun times here, and everyone says that college is the best time of your life. But I refuse to believe that. I think anytime can be the best time of your life, if you put out the effort. And I know we'll keep in touch and I know i'll see them again. So I'm not depressed at all, just nostalgic. Haha and we said we'd go to Disneyland again together with our kids in ten years or so. But I won't have kids. 'Cause I'm gonna be like Samantha. Okay back to reading OotP.
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