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Well, I finished commencement. It was kinda boring, and the chancellor is a rather poor speaker, and the commencement speaker spent most of his time telling us to donate money to the university. But it was exciting. I got to go to all the graduations, and actually found most people and gave them leis.

Went to Napa on Sunday. That was really fun. We drove around the beautiful vineyards. Beringer was really nice, their wine was good and there was a tunnel of trees and also a German-style house. We also went to the Fransciscan, and sampled 50 dollar wines, free with a cupon. That was fun.

Today we went to Lake Tahoe. We drove around it, and it was really nice, and clear. I found some gold flakes in the water and fished it out. It was fun. I don't think it's real gold, though, probably pyrite. We gambled a little on the Nevada side, and I won a dollar in nickels and three dollars in quarters.

Something happened which distubed me. At a scenic point where there were trails, a guy jumped out from a side path and started talking to me. And usually I'm really friendly but instead I was wary and kind of abrupt. When I was leaving I saw he had a bunch of silver and turquoise jewelry; he was trying to sell things. Usually I'm really nice to people who are nice to me, but this time I reacted with suspicion. I don't like it. I know what it is, it's this stupid exercise i'm doing for aikido, it makes me wary of people. I don't want to be like that, I don't want to be suspicious of everyone. I mean, I guess it's really naiive to trust everyone, but I like living like that, like talking to anyone who talks to me. Lots of people ignore anyone who seems a little 'sketchy' but you learn a lot of interesting things and have a lot of fun when you trust people and are nice to them. I don't want to be one of those people who don't trust anyone. It's a reason I'm doing aikido, so I can live how I want but be able to deal with the consequences of my actions if need be. I guess I'll have to find some middle ground.

Anyway, Tahoe was gorgeous. It was weird seeing the ski slopes all grassy. The mountains are really nice, they're different from the mountains at home, more solid rock of a different kind. There are lots of cute natural bonsai on the cliff faces. I'd like to kayak on Tahoe someday.

Arrgh! My internet isn't working! This better not continue for long or i'll go insane. Or i'll just steal Brenna's connection, which I am doing now.
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