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Busy but still happy

Got the final revision information for my senior project. So I just gotta do all this shit and i'll be fine. Got a whole lotta other shit due too but don't wanna think about it.

Argh, Sensei told everyone about the 'game'. But I said that i'd bake people cookies instead of buying them coffee. Because coffee is bad for you. But I didn't say what KIND of cookies. Maybe they'll be sawdust cookies. Or Argentinian Ant cookies.

First day at the new dojo, the dance room near the experimental college. I like it, it's small but has a fan. I did like doing aikido to the music of the dancers, though. And I miss watching the kendo people and then talking to the kung fu people after. I don't know why, I but I think I know people from every martial arts group on campus. Well, now I don't have to pay fees over the summer, to do aikido.

Did iaido today by the silo. Damn, I really suck, but it's great fun!
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